Love Bigfoot BBQ employees!

Good People

We believe in a good workplace culture. The word team is not just a word here... it's a description of the way we work, together. Bigfoot is full of energetic, creative, positive, hardworking, team members who bring out the best in each other day in and day out.  We have fun, we work hard, and we celebrate each other’s successes.

Great food, come get some!

Good Food

We've been smoking meat in the Basement of the Old Town Shops since 2003.  There are no shortcuts to great BBQ... smoke, heat, time and care, that's what it is.  We are all about providing great food and great hospitality in a quirky & somewhat hidden spot in the center of town.  

You know you want to work at Bigfoot BBQ!

Good Jobs

Of course we pay... and there are cash tips! But a good job is more than just that. We offer flexible schedules that will accommodate your life outside of work... like school. We also invest in our team members, provide continuous training, the opportunity to take on responsibility and chances to work outside of the four walls of the restaurant on caters. Ultimately its about providing you the opportunity to grow in a professional environment so that when you "graduate" from Bigfoot, you  are better suited for success than when you started here!