Bar-B-Que is undoubtedly the oldest form of cooking. The slow roasting of the meats over an open flame to absorb the flavor of the wood smoke could be responsible for every thoughtful advance of man since that prehistoric day. Think about it… What an evolutionary leap! Only the day before meat was cold and raw and tough. Uninspiring to say the least. Then in an instant, a flash of lighting catapulted a man from his doldrums of mammalian lowlife to a better, brighter place.

Eons have passed since this huge jump forward and the base process is still the same. The addition of a wondrous plethora of spices and seasoning have only added to this blessed technique.

The essentials are simple; Fire, Smoke, Spice and a desire to produce a meal that nourishes the body and lifts the spirit. All this and an irreverent sense of humor are found daily at Bigfoot BBQ. So the next time you find yourself worn down by the unspectacular fast food or the latest not so great food craze, look to your roots and make your way to Bigfoot…We got your back!

We don’t have a Bigfoot BBQ anthem,

but if we did,

these guys would be signing it!

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