At Bigfoot BBQ, we specialize in smoked meats, scratch made sides, and our own secret recipe BBQ sauce.  Many of our recipes, while not slathered in gluten, contain small amounts of products such as ketchup, worchestershire sauce and the like that may contain gluten.  While we can give general guidance as to menu items that contain no (or trace amounts) of gluten, we cannot claim to be completely gluten free.  Those guests with serious or life threatening allergies to gluten should regrettably eat somewhere else.  Any questions regarding specific ingredients should be directed to one of our managers in house.

Folks concerned about dairy should not order the following:

  • Truck Stop Creations: Smokin’ Bulldawg (or, order it without Cheddar Cheese!), Junkyard Dawg (or, order it without Slaw!), Bigfoot Steak & Cheese (or, order it without Colby Jack!), Peace Maker (or, order it without Remoulade!), Rhemus’ Shrimp ‘Wich (or, order it without Remoulade!), Catfish Po Boy (or, order it without Remoulade!)
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chili Cheese Fries (or, order it without Cheddar Cheese!)
  • BBQ Nachos
  • Homemade Sides: Slaw, Tater Salad, Mac Salad, Mashed Sweet Taters, Cornbread,
    Dressings Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing, Homemade Buttermillk Ranch Dressing
    Homemade Cobbler
  • Anything with our regular wing sauce, including Chicken Wings and the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (or, order these items with our Hi-Octane Sauce or Triple-Hot Sauce!)

Bigfoot values guests who have food allergies or other dietary restrictions, and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate such guests!  However, we cannot assume liability associated with guests’ food allergies.  Bigfoot will gladly review ingredients, and/or provide a guide outlining what menu items may be safer for a guest to eat, but Bigfoot cannot guarantee that the items listed above or listed in a review of ingredients are exhaustive.  Bigfoot strongly advises guests who may have a food allergy to take all necessary precautions against an allergic reaction!