To date, groups have raised over $29,000 to benefit the local community through fundraiser nights at Bigfoot BBQ!  

Got a group, club, school that’s doing good in our community… and could use some money?  …then check out “Mo’ Money Mondays” and “Take 15% Tuesdays”

The Details…

  • What: A program designed to assist local non-profit organizations, schools, clubs, etc. to raise public awareness and funds.
  • When: Monday and/or Tuesday evenings.
  • Why: To raise money for your group and get the community to eat at Bigfoot BBQ.
  • Who: Chosen local non-profits.

Here’s what you do…

  1. Pick a day… Review the calendar below and pick a date (only Mondays or Tuesdays) not already booked. Pick only one specific date!
  2. Know your role… Your fundraiser is only as successful as you make it. You need to get people to come eat at Bigfoot on “your night”
  3. Get the word out… Let your supporters know that your Fundraiser will take place from 4pm to close. Remind folks to dine at Bigfoot on “your night!’
  4. Collect the receipts… You need to have a plan for collecting receipts from your supporters on your fundraising night. You hand them over to us and we write your group a check for 15% of your receipts (tax and gratuities, of course are not included)

Fine Print: You keep the receipts and turn ’em into us at the end of the night, and we’ll get you a check within 72 hours!

And even more details…

  • The more people you get to turn out, the more money you raise. Get the word out and get folks committed to eating some great BBQ!
  • A good rule of thumb is that the average bill works out to about $10 per person, which means your organization collects about $1.50 per person. Want to raise $150? Get 100 people to turn out for your Fundraiser!
  • You may turn in your supporter’s receipts up to 48 hours following your fundraiser, but our most successful groups are sure to collect receipts on the spot on the night of their fundraiser!
  • Please don’t solicit guests you don’t know for their receipts—some folks just want to eat in peace!
  • Fundraisers that have raised the most money in the past have done two things really well:
  • First, the organizer(s) did a great job of reminding supporters about the date, time, & location for the fundraiser. Asking folks to support you once may not be enough, but a few gentle reminders can make a big difference! Use email, meetings, & social media to get the word out, and do so several times!
  • Second, ask each member of your group to bring at least 3 people to the Fundraiser. If your group has 30 people and each member brings 3 guests on average, that’s 120 people (including the group members)!
  • Last, some organizers have planned games or some other interactive activity that keeps people in the building for longer than meal time. One group had a Scrabble tournament, and others have held their weekly/monthly meeting! Consider offering a reason for your guests to stay longer!