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Wedding catering, office catering, backyard catering…in Flagstaff, or beyond…we’ve got you covered!

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Hickory Smoked Meats! 
Choose one or Assort to suit your taste… priced by the pound

Pulled Pork… We use only Pic-Nic Shoulder smoked over Hickory for more than 12 hours! It is the ultimate mingling of any meat and wood! A match made in Heaven. (Pigs with Wings?) We send this to you in our house Pig Pucker sauce…$15.99
Sliced Beef Brisket… USDA Choice CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF Brisket Rubbed with our own unique blend of seasonings then smoked over Hickory for hours and hours. Ya’ll said you want it sliced so that’s what we did. This meat is tender and superb. We send it to you warmed up and you add Bigfoot BBQ sauce to taste…$17.99
Pulled Chicken… 100% chicken breast meat smoked for about 4 hours, over Hickory! This one comes to you in a special Chicken BBQ Sauce but feel free to more sauce to it. The delightful smoke flavor really stands out with the “Yard Bird BBQ!”…$15.99
Ham… Smoked, sliced, and real good!…$15.99

Smoked BBQ Ribs!
Get as many as you like, we’ll cut them too…$18.99 per rack

A lot goes into the making of Bigfoot BBQ Ribs. To start with we use a 2 lb. St. Louis Style PORK rib. We peel em’ right and then rub em’ down  with our  own BIGFOOT RIB RUB. After that they are smoked over Hickory wood until tender and delicious.  After That they are Grilled and Glazed served hot with plenty of  Bigfoot BBQ Sauce. We can cut these up anyway you want, just ask! Serves 2-3 people per rack, more if you have other meats too.

The Show Stopper! 
Feed 20-30 people @$249 per pig OR Feed 50-60 people @$399 per pig

Pig Pickin’!!!That’s right, you can now have a whole Suckling Pig, Smoked and Roasted for your special event. Makes a great gift for your sweetheart on Valentines day! We smoke a 40 pound sucking pig for hours and hours, then baste him with bourbon, molasses and butter till he is ready to eat. Minimum of 1 week required for this item.  Guaranteed to keep people talkin’ long after the party’s over!

Not Meat! …$9.99 per pound

Veggie Que… Bigfoot loves everybody, even the veggies. We make a superb Vegetarian BBQ out of TVP. Looks like sloppy joe but taste really good even to non veggies.

More Meat! …$9.99 per pound

Andouille Sausages & Louisiana Hot Links… Excellent Johnsonville Farms sausages that we make our Truck Stop sausage Dawgs from. You can make those or you can come up with you very own! 4 Links per pound.

Bigfoot Big Red Chili …$9.99 per pound

This is our delicious hearty chili made here from scratch with Certified Angus Beef, Kidney beans and Beer. It is all kinds of good. Comes with diced red onion, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream and spoons!

Delectable “Side” Fixins …$5.99 per pound

Cole Slaw… Fresh cut cabbage and our own homemade slaw mix. We wait till the last minute so it stays crisp and delicious.
Tater Salad… New Potatoes, bell pepper and red onion and creamy mayonnaise with our own spice blend. Made fresh all week long!
Mac Salad… The Healthiest thing on the menu! Pasta, olive oil, vinegar and diced veggies. Even though it is good for you it is still tasty!
Bigfoot BBQ Beans… Starts out with Veggie Beans and then we add some BBQ sauce and peppers and onions.
Mashed Sweet Taters… Less is better in the preparation of our Sweet taters. We use Golden Yams roasted for hours until the sugar carmalizes, then we just add butter and some brown sugar.

“But wait there’s More!”

Bigfoot Mac & Cheese… We start with a creamy hand made cheese sauce, stir in pasta, then top it off with more cheese browned to perfection… a staff favorite!  …$7.99 per pound
Green Garden Salad… Crispy Romaine Lettuce, spinach, homemade croutons, cucumbers, tomatoes and your choice of dressing. Ranch, Blue Cheese, and Herb Vinagrette.  Sheet serves about 30.      …$29.99 per sheet
Cornbread… Ours is extra special good.  Sheet serves about 30.     …$29.99 per sheet
Buns… Nothing fancy, but real good for holding meat while you eat! …$3.99 per dozen

Sweet Tooth?

Cobblers! The Best way to feed your folks something sweet at the end of the meal! Made from scratch… choose Peach, Apple or Berry. Half Sheet feeds 12-15 people.     …$29.99 per 1/2 sheet


Everyone wants to know… “so how much do I need?”

Good question! Click to see some real life examples!


Want to get fancy?
We do full service catering… uniforms, props, bartenders, tell us what you’re looking for… anywhere, anytime, period.

Need Space?
Our new dining room is available for your private party… rehearsal dinners, office parties, parole parties, you name it, we’ve got ya covered. (some dates & times may not be available)

Contact us today and we’ll help you set it up!
(928) 226-1677 phone e-mail

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